Blogging for Passive Income in 2023

Last updated on June 4th, 2023 at 02:42 pm

Blogging for passive income sounds nice, right? You create a low-cost blog, pump out a few dozen blog posts, and earn a generous amount of money, all while working part-time on your blog.

On the other hand, it’s not all fun and games as you will read.

Is Blogging Passive Income?

Yes and no.

Blogging is not entirely passive income. You still have to actively work on your blog and put in the hours.

What is passive income? Passive income is a process of having a mechanism to generate revenue with no future work or investment required on your part. Such examples include selling stock photos, stock market investments, and rental real estate.

What makes blogging a source of passive income is you can take a month or two off for vacation and still earn a generous paycheck. However, if you don’t continually work (even if it’s only once a month) on your blog, the blog will lose readers, leading to income loss.

Why you have to keep your blog up-to-date:

  • blog posts become outdated and need to be updated
  • readers want to see fresh content
  • update blog and server software; otherwise site crashes or is prone to hacks
  • competition will catch up to you
  • SEO best practices change and the blog needs to be updated

As you just read, blogging is not entirely passive income. But you definitely make money while sleeping.

In the earlier examples of passive income, only selling stock photos is entirely passive income because you don’t have to work on it continually (though it is a good idea). Stocks and rental real estate still require you to invest time and money into these income sources.

How to Earn Passive Income with a Blog

There are a few ways to make passive income with a blog, and I’ll list the most common ones here:

  • affiliate marketing
  • selling ad space directly to businesses
  • sell a course
  • Google Adsense

Other ways to make money with your blog:

  • write sponsored posts
  • sell backlinks on your blog (this is against Google’s best practices for SEO)
  • sell merchandise

How Much Money Can You Make with a Blog?

The most successful bloggers earn well over $10,000 a month.

However, it’s not easy making money with a blog. Realistically, you can expect to earn nearly nothing in your first year of blogging and $100 to $1000 per month after your first year.

The most successful bloggers approach this passive income strategy as a full-time job with overtime. This is no different than successful YouTubers.

Buying a Blog for Passive Income

Experienced bloggers and businesses often buy other established blogs for revenue.

Established blogs already have thousands of visitors per month and earn income. These blogs are usually sold because the owner doesn’t want to work on them anymore, or the blog was created explicitly with the intent of selling.

Furthermore, experienced bloggers and businesses will buy established sites to increase traffic and passive income.

There are also marketplaces where you can buy and sell blogs. Empire Flippers is one of them.

Beginners shouldn’t buy a blog for passive income. There’s still a lot to learn in the blogging world, and that’s best done with trial and error.

Final Thoughts

Earning a passive income with a blog is highly possible. However, there is fierce competition, and you should treat it like a real job if you want to be successful.