How Hard Is It to Start a Blog?

A blog is a great way to keep a record of your life and share experiences with your friends and family.

However, blogging can also be used as a business income stream or a marketing platform. For this reason, individuals and large companies spend a significant amount of time and money on their blogs.

But the question for newcomers to the blogosphere: is it hard to start a blog?

The reality is it’s not hard to start a blog. Many platforms like and Blogger offer individuals the ability to start a blog for free. And you don’t need to know how to code, though it does help.

In fact, you can get a blog up and running within an hour or two.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to build an audience and generate income, you need to invest in a premium blogging platform like In addition, you’ll need to pay for hosting (your blog). You can still get these business-like blogs started in a few hours, but it can take months to years to build an audience and earn a comfortable income.

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